This update is very cool, with a very cool name called "Suspicious"... Haha, this site will be suspicious! Just kidding, it is just a name and the site won't come as suspicious...

This "Suspicious" Update will be coming on December 25, 2013! It will be quicker until Christmas. Don't worry, it will be until months or two.

This "Suspicious" Update carries:
- Secret Updates
- Forums
- Adding 10 R63B Habbo Retros on this site
- Staffs' Most Liked
- Improved Staffs' Most Recommend
and More soon!

Wait until countdown until christmas starts for this update!
- Staff Team
Yay! A new R63B Habbo Retros

Hello guys, this is our new R63B Habbo Retros. And totally R63B Habbo Retros Lite.

We wanted pronounce it as R63BHRL. But that shortcut name sucks, so i choose the way that it's better...

Jose Daniel Percy, the user, has proven this, and doesn't want to up-to-date his website locker, because i think he's tired, more than tired of being editing most websites.

I think i should also help, with the help of staffs, he decision to open the lite site sooner, but i want to do it earlier, since he doesn't think this can help.

But he like the new retro site of the way it looks... But doesn't seem to have more features. Alas, you can see an topic named "Update: "Suspicious"" here for new updates soon this christmas December 25, 2013.

Although, when April Fools Joke, the website will contain outdated until May 1, 2014 for "April Fools Update". More information of that update will be posted in this blog this March 7, 2014.

See you soon!
- [OWNER] Isabelle Panda


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